My journey in interactive media began with a start-up project where I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team. 👏🏻 From there, I continued on to an interactive media program where I led a real-world client project and learned countless valuable lessons through trial and error. 🔄 But my exploration and learning never stop - I'm always looking for new ways to grow my skills and understanding of the digital world. 📱
An all-in-one solution for building comfort and confidence in virtual business communication
Type Digital Product Development
Timeline Jan - Apr 2023
What I Did Product Owner, Ideation and Research, Project Management, Design and Testing
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Blue Elephant Productions Website Redesign
Revamping Blue Elephant Productions' outdated website to showcase their portfolio and brand identity
Type Website Redesign
Timeline Sep - Dec 2022
What I Did Leadership, Ideation, Project Management, Team Management, Wireframe and Prototyping
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Revolutionizing social commerce with AI-driven influencer-to-product matching
Type Digital Product Development
Timeline Aug 2020 - Feb 2021
What I did
Ideation, Content Planning, Copywriting, Testing, Operation and Customer Service
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