An all-in-one solution for building comfort and confidence in virtual business communication
TalkSoon is a digital product designed to address the challenges individuals face in virtual business communication. With technological issues, distractions, and the absence of nonverbal cues, virtual communication can hinder effective interactions, leading to decreased productivity and engagement.

The goal of TalkSoon is to equip users with tools to enhance their virtual communication skills, build confidence, and feel more comfortable in virtual business settings. It offers practice sessions, preparation tools, and feedback from communication experts, catering to users of all experience levels. By using TalkSoon, individuals can improve their professional productivity and achieve better business outcomes.
Type Digital Product Development
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Project Management
UX Research
Content Planning
Design Thinking
Wireframing and Prototyping
Team Collaboration
How we got there
As remote work and global teams become more prevalent, virtual communication has become increasingly common in the workplace. However, it poses unique challenges, causing anxiety and impacting productivity. The lack of nonverbal cues, technical issues, and distractions can hinder effective communication and lead to misunderstandings and decreased engagement. This is commonly referred to as "Zoom fatigue," which extends beyond a specific platform to encompass various videoconferencing technologies.
Project Planning
A comprehensive timeline was also created to outline the entire journey from the project's inception to the successful launch of the product.
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Estimated Budget
CAD$ 492K
CAD$ 428K
CAD$ 364K
The budget was calculated to cover all expenses from the initial development phase to the product's launch in the market.
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Getting Started - Initiation and Discovery Phase
It all started with the power of communication. Whether it's giving a presentation, participating in meetings, engaging in small talk, or acing an interview, effective communication is an art. Recognizing the challenges people face when it comes to expressing themselves, I embarked on a journey to address these concerns. Inspired by my own struggles with phone anxiety during my time as a journalism student, I delved into extensive research. This led me to shift my focus towards virtual communication in the workplace, realizing its increasing significance in the post-pandemic era.
User Research
To validate
project concept
User Survey
To understand
user needs
User Interviews
User Survey
To gather valuable insights and feedback directly from the target audience to understand their experiences, needs, and expectations
Key Findings
1. Required to communicate effectively in virtual settings 2. Remote workers 3. New to virtual communication 4. Suffer from anxiety connected to virtual communication
What do users need?
- To get familiar with the virtual environment - To reduce the chance of having technical issues - To present properly in front of camera - To get mental preparation
- To develop communication skills - To receive professional yet practical feedback - To experience a comprehensive learning journey
Business Research
To identity market trends and oppotunities
Market Research
To differentiate from competitors
Competitive Analysis
Competitor #1: Big Interview
Conducted in-depth research and a current state analysis on Big Interview to examine their features, functionalities, and overall user experience.
Competitor #2: Speeko
Speeko shares a similar concept to TalkSoon but it primary focus is on public speaking. The research centered on exploring Speeko's features, such as practice scenarios, instant feedback, and the range of learning materials available on their platform. This examination aimed to understand the unique offerings, strengths, and areas of improvement within Speeko.
Key Findings
The virtual communication industry is experiencing rapid growth due to advancements in technology such as machine learning, AI, and IoT. While face-to-face interactions were traditionally preferred, virtual communication has become a necessity for conducting business. Professionals across industries are utilizing virtual communication platforms for their daily conferences. The global market for virtual communication is projected to reach USD 20-21 Billion by 2028, presenting significant market opportunities.
The existing tools focus on presentations and interviews which provide users with practice activities to improve their speaking skills while TalkSoon focuses on virtual business communication. While learning from the existing products to facilitate the functionality of TalkSoon, a realistic and comprehensive learning experience can be enhanced on TalkSoon to differentiate from the existing products and fill the market gap in the virtual communication industry.
Bringing it All Together - Definition Phase
Based on extensive research and continuous idea development, the problem and solution were refined and became the central focus of TalkSoon.
The rapid shift to remote work and virtual meetings, prompted by the pandemic, has introduced a set of challenges for professionals striving to communicate effectively in a virtual environment. Many individuals struggle to build confidence and feel comfortable during virtual calls and meetings, resulting in less effective communication and decreased productivity. The absence of nonverbal cues, difficulty expressing ideas, and technical issues interrupting the flow of communication contribute to anxiety surrounding virtual communication.
TalkSoon focuses on building confidence and comfort in virtual business communication by providing both a realistic virtual communication environment and guidance to enhance communication skills.
Key Features
Practice Scenarios
Users can choose and customize different scenarios to build confidence and prepare for unexpected situations.
Practice Environment
By practicing in a real-like environment, users become comfortable and familiar with the virtual platform.
Business Templates
Save time and ensure users are well-prepared for their virtual sessions.
Instant Feedback
Help users improve their virtual communication skills.
Seamless Calendar
Make scheduling and preparation for virtual meetings effortless.
Communication Tips
Enable users to become well-rounded and confident communicators in virtual settings.
From Concept to Reality - Design and Testing Phase
Starting with low-fidelity wireframes, TalkSoon underwent an iterative process of trial and error, fueled by invaluable user feedback and continuous development efforts. Through multiple feedback and revision cycles, it gradually took shape and reached its pinnacle as a fully functional prototype, ready to revolutionize virtual communication.
Low-fidelity Wireframes
Several elements within the design confused users, leading to a less intuitive user experience. - Users expected to directly click on the "Practice" button, but instead, they were required to choose their role and specify the number of participants. - The visual hierarchy of the interface could be improved by incorporating contrast colours for the call-to-action buttons, ensuring they stand out more prominently.
High-fidelity Wireframes
Change the buttons to high-contrast colours.
Added a pop-up when users customize their practice
Visually prioritized creating content over adding items.
Made the structure clear with content suggestions
Created video and audio check feature
Added a progress circle for the breathing exercise
Made the practice more realistic and added instant reminders
Enhanced the performance analysis by incorporating various criteria for more detailed evaluation
After consulting with mentors, professors, and conducting advanced user tests, valuable insights were gathered to enhance the user experience of TalkSoon. - Simplified the dashboard by prioritizing the main feature. - Considered incorporating interactions between the host and participants in the practice sessions,
rather than focusing solely on presentations. - Streamlined the performance analysis by simplifying and prioritizing the information provided to avoid overwhelming users.
Ready to Launch as a Thriving Business - Strategy and Presentation Phase
Equipped with a comprehensive business strategy and robust analytics plans, TalkSoon was well-prepared for pitching and, most importantly, positioned itself as a thriving business with immense potential.
Promotional Strategy
Online Advertorial
Social Post on Meme Pages
Online Webinar
Badge System and Daily Challenge
Google Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)
SEO Keywords/ Key Phrases
Remote Work
Online Meeting
Business Soft Skills
Business Communication
Zoom meeting best practices
Pitching Presentation
Presentation Planning
Recognizing the time constraints of the presentation, I planned the content for each slide and minute,
ensuring a well-structured and impactful showcase of TalkSoon's immense potential.
Presentation Deck
Final Deliverables
What I did
As the product owner and founder, I spearheaded the end-to-end creation of TalkSoon, leveraging my project management and UX expertise. From initial ideation and thorough market research to meticulous design, testing, and successful product presentation, I ensured the project's viability and differentiation from existing solutions.
I took full responsibility for ensuring the timely delivery of the project. This involved meticulously managing the project timeline, identifying and prioritizing tasks, and establishing key milestones to streamline the development process and maintain project efficiency.
As the founder of TalkSoon, I transformed the initial sketches into a comprehensive product by leveraging the design thinking process. Step by step, I developed TalkSoon’s concept and features, translating the concept into a visually appealing and functional prototype. Throughout the journey, I actively created wireframes and prototypes, consistently iterating and refining the designs to ensure optimal quality assurance.
In order to measure the success and demonstrate the business potential of TalkSoon, I formulated comprehensive business plans with well-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and business goals. Additionally, I devised a strategic promotional strategy to effectively reach diverse target audiences and ensure the long-term sustainability of the product. To garner support and validate the project, I pitched TalkSoon to project management, analytics, and UX professionals, showcasing its value and potential impact.
What I learnt
Apart from technical skills and experience, creating TalkSoon taught me the significance of idea development and seeking input from others. During the discovery phase, I had numerous ideas but quickly realized that trying to implement them all created stress and confusion. Consolidating ideas and analyzing their potential and position helped bring clarity and success to the product.
As the product owner, I had a tendency to figure things out independently before reaching out to others. However, going through different stages of the project made me realize the value of discussing ideas with others. Holding meetings to consolidate information and define the project with collaborators proved highly beneficial. Explaining the process to them helped me gain clarity on the direction, and their critique and feedback contributed significantly to the project's success.